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I know some guy (Tim Cook) wrote an apology for the changes in the Maps app this morning. And in all honesty, it's deserved -- we've all seen or heard about the crazy results & deficiencies in the new program. But here's my story about living in the future.

Out & about running errands today, I was heading from my wife's office to a friend's place to feed her cats. I had planned on looking up the route in advance, just to confirm what I thought was the right path, but due to a combination of being illegally parked in a loading dock and blocked in by students & pizza, I got out of there as fast as I could and was on the road before I remembered to check the map.

On a lark, I pulled out my phone. I didn't unlock, swipe, search, navigate, or scroll -- after all, I was driving, and that would be both dumb and illegal (as of Sept. 1st). But I pressed the button to wake up the phone, held it up to my ear, and said, "how do I get to <friend>'s house?"

The best I was hoping for was a look-up in my address book followed by a map I could squint at and zoom in on. What I got was a map overview immediately followed with turn-by-turn navigation instructions. The phone was still locked! But it validated my route and started saying, "in a quarter mile, turn left on...". It was perfect. Absolutely what I wanted, but I never would've asked for it. I put the phone down and let it navigate my way there. It even brought me to the right apartment block entrance -- I always have to drive in and look for the landing with the bicycle or tomato plants. ;-)

And then I used Siri to dictate those FB/G+ posts.

Maybe I got lucky. Maybe there are advantages to living in the 15th largest city in the country, in terms of attention & coverage. I don't know, but I can tell you that this is a taste of what living in the future should be like.

(Is there anyone here who isn't on FB/G+? [ profile] jnala? Just curious.)

Date: 2012-09-29 07:13 pm (UTC)
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I always read LJ, often read G+, occasionally read FB. I will cheerfully comment on LJ, occasionally reluctantly comment on G+, will absolutely not say anything on FB. :P

Basically this reflects my level of trust in the three platforms, I have serious concerns about Google, while I fear and loathe FB so much that I am not giving them anything, it's bad enough that I'm contributing to their friend graph.


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